YoutH agency "Globaltour"
What about work abroad?
Youth Agency "GlobalTour" is a licensed recruitment agency based in Russia. We used to work with such countries like Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Bulgaria, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain providing to our clients job offers in different fields on a high level.
8 years
the company was established in 2014
20 countries
we work with more than 20 countries all over the world
3000 clients
more than 3000 happy clients have already found their "dream job" with our help
Our mission
is to prove that work abroad is not just a dream, it's possible for everyone. Sometimes one even doesn't need to know foreign languages or to have specific skills, only a desire to get international experience and expand horizonts.
Our clients
Aged 18+
что писать
All nationalities
Citizens of RUssia mostly, but also we work with Khazakstan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Brazil
We do work with well educated candidates or students, who can have experience or special skills, but also we work with people without any experience and ready to study
Тур был прекрасен. Наш гид рассказывал потрясающие истории о городе и людях, которые там жили. Он так много знал, что нам никогда не было скучно в пути. Мне понравилось путешествовать в группе, было весело!
Рита, 26 лет
Лучшее из того, что может предложить Европа, в одном туре! Очень советую тем, кто собирается в Европу впервые – где еще можно посетить столько городов за раз.
Петр, 34 года
Meet Our Leaders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
Ekaterina Selina
  • in 2014 Ekaterina founded the company
  • in 2021 was established first in the world school of international recruitment
  • in 2019 participated in ALPHE international educational conference in St-Petersburg
  • in 2014 was invited to USA by FLS school for familiarization trip to English language schools in LA, Las Vegas, Boston, NY
  • in 2019 was invited as a guest of educational training for guides in touroperating company TEZ tour in Turkey
  • a member of Russian Union of national employees and career development
Alexandra Chepachenko
Europe manager
  • is currently living in Dublin, Ireland
  • represents "GlobalTour" in European countries
  • translator
  • ....
Ekaterina Lee
UAE manager
  • currently lives in Dubai, YAE
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